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To Advertise Or Not To Advertise - Learn The Benefits

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Advertising has provided a lot of benefits to many companies by positioning them to the top of search engine results page. They won't be a leading brand if they have not invested millions of dollars in these agencies. The question is, would you like your product to be known? Are you willing to invest your money in advertisement? Or you will just rely on your own efforts and make a good quality product and let the people discover it.

The Definition of Advertising

In this article you will learn the benefits of advertising and not advertising. Before you proceed, you should first know the meaning of advertising. Advertising is a way of informing, educating, persuading and reminding consumers of your product or business. It interrupts the consumers on what they are doing, say they are browsing the web and suddenly a box popped out just to remind or inform the reader of a certain product. Using a good strategy, advertising can capture the hearts and minds of their customers whether the quality of the product is good or not as they can influence them using the element of ad memorability. Advertising makes an easy way of recalling their products once they get to see it. This is the influencing power of advertisement.

The Benefits of Advertisement

Image courtesy of winnond1. It will make your product popular. This is much of a help to those products that are new in the market. Since there are already similar products with your business in the market, you will find it difficult to be recognized by the public. Through advertising, you've got a good chance of getting known. Some consumers are also willing to try new products because they are not expensive as the leading brands and new products usually have a high quality to attract more consumers. It also maintains the popularity of those old products in the market. In general, this will boost the sale of your business.

2. Advertising can help your product build its credibility or establish its name among your target customers. The longer you advertise, the stronger you build your reputation. This will attract new consumers and will encourage them to patronize your product or service more. In this case, you have to maintain the quality of your product to keep your consumers well satisfied. If not, you can lose even your long time consumers.

3. This will make you more competitive. Because there are so many products which are similar to the ones you are selling in the market, through advertising, you are compelled to make innovations to your product. In reinventing your product, you have to freshen up your package and add more unique features and quality to it. This is beneficial to consumers because they are given choices on which products they are going to use.

The Disadvantage of Advertising

The disadvantage of advertising is that it is very costly and you have to put some things at stake. Not all products that have been advertised get to the top. And because it is very costly, some companies have difficulty in maintaining their finances just to keep the popularity of their products, so they sacrifice its quality. Some companies get bankrupted because of paying too much fees to the agency, but don't experience increase in their sales. The fault sometimes comes from the wrong advertising strategy of ad agencies.

The Benefits of Not Advertising

There are companies who are not advertising their products or services but still are successful in the business. They rely on their own capabilities by providing good or high quality products to their consumers. Although their market is small, they have earned the trust of their consumers and they can maintain it. This business makes it through the top slowly but surely through maintaining the qualities of their product and through the word-of-mouth from their regular consumers. Word-of-mouth can help build a good and more solid reputation than by paying advertisement agencies. What you need to maintain here is the quality of your product and service, which is beneficial to your regular consumers.

Image courtesy of pakornThe Disadvantage of Not Advertising

Companies that are not advertising have a very limited market and their success rate is slow because they have to wait for some time for their product to be known. The reason is that it's hard to sell products that are not known to the public. They are not willing to try your product if they have no idea about the quality and the benefits they will get from it.

The Solution

Now that there are many ways to make your product sold out to the market, you have now a better chance to make to on the top without expending so much money. Well, that is through the help of the internet. You don't have to pay expensive advertising agencies to make your products popular but if you want to make your products be known and increase your target and sales, you still have to invest here on the internet. Your investment here is not as big as the traditional way of advertising. You also need the help of some experts here on the web. Through their expertise, they can speed up your progress by making your products visible among internet goers.

In conclusion, if you don't want to avail the service of advertising agencies, you can still make it here on the web as long as you have the diligence and the dedication on what you are doing. Make yourself knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the market. So, research on how to improve your products to increase your sales and earn a good reputation for your business with or without the help of advertisement.

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