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Use White Hat Seo Techniques For Your Business

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With the existence of search engine algorithms such as Penguin and Panda, it is essential to understand that certain strategies will be fully rewarded by such programs. White hat SEO techniques are preferred by most SE algorithms as they can drive organic traffic to your site and build a steady following to your site and business.

The sad thing is that several business owners still believe that they can incorporate old-school SEO techniques to trick search engines into boosting their site's page ranking. Well, the days of stuffing their site with keywords is finally over. Just recently, several websites have been punished by Google for not following its standards. Some sites suffered from low page rankings while others have been completely dissolved. So, whether website owners like it or not, they have no choice but to employ white hat SEO tactics as these as the ticket to success.

If you are currently searching for white hat SEO techniques for your business, you can consider some of the following:

Fresh Content

Image courtesy of Kittikun AtsawintarangkulNew SE algorithms like new, dynamic and fresh content on a site. Thus, the more you add evocative, relevant and unique content to your website, the more it will likely receive a high page ranking. However, this is not as easy as 123 as you must not anticipate to provide an instant update to an existing webpage and anticipate to get a high page ranking. Rather, a consistent and timely campaign dedicated to incorporating fresh and unique content on your site is the only way to yield a fruitful result. It must also consist of various items including new video, images and text.

When SE algorithms crawl your site and detect updated text, video or images, it pleases them. In turn, your website will not be punished in the game of search engine ranking. However, take note that you must not have your site flooded with new video or images just for its own sake. Instead, the incorporation of new videos and images must be conducive to the theme of your website and be effortlessly navigated by users.


This is one of the great ways to create a fresh, unique and informative content that will drive traffic to your site. However, the blog articles should be well-researched and applicable to the search conducted by users. As such, the blog can't be stuffed with keywords or keyphrases to successfully attract views. Moreover, search engines detest articles that demonstrate an evident effort to lure users into visiting a website, only to discover that the article is unrelated to their search or seems to use disfavored strategies.

Experts recommend that a blog must be well-researched, well-formatted, well-written and directly interrelated to the keywords associated with your articles. Blog articles must also be drafted and posted online on a regular basis. This will not just satisfy SE algorithms and give you a greater chance of having favorable rankings, but will attract more potential customers as well.

Also, keep in mind to stay away from sites that will give you outdated and duplicated content as this will lead to punishment.

Social Media

In the 21st century, social media plays a great role when it comes to digital marketing simply because billions of people have their social media account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. To expose your business, products or services to your target customers, it is important that you create an exclusive social media account for your business. However, you have to treat your social media pages like blog articles: they must regularly provide fresh, unique and updated content. Many have proven that new postings will produce new views, thereby boosting your site's reputation and traffic in major search engines.

Plus, your social media technique should be integrated and broad-based. You can do this by coming up with a well-designed Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook campaign that will keep your business in the minds of your followers. One of the things that will increase your business' likelihood of making a name in the market is through buying real fans. The more fans your social media account has, the more people will remember it.


Image courtesy of Stuart MilesApart from securing relevant content on your site, search engines will also check the number of websites that contain links to your site. You can enhance the ranking of your website in search engine results by making certain that you have as many links as possible as long as they originate from high quality and reputable websites. Links from bad sites can pose a great risk to the ranking of your website. Thus, make an effort to place links for your site on sites that are highly ranked by SEs. These websites must also be relevant to your site's content, as this will guarantee that the search engines know which searches must include your site in the results.

Backlinking indicates your relationship with any industry you are offering your products or services at. It does not just create goodwill among competitors but generate high traffic as well. This white hat SEO technique entails your business generating similar content and publishing it on article directories for free with details floating around about your company. This is considered by many as one of the best ways to ensure the business' exposure among its target customers. No wonder, several website owners and online businessmen are so into backlinking nowadays.

These are just some of the white hat SEO techniques that you can employ to ascertain your business' success and to keep it afloat of the neck-to-neck competition today. If you are dead serious about making your business grow, getting more customers and gaining more profits, it is about time to use white hat SEO now. By using the tips mentioned in this article, you will be able to witness the dramatic improvement in your business.

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