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Where To Get Free Ads?


Basically, the main benefit for this is that it is a useful way to advertise your products or services on Google completely for free. And frankly, who does not like to have free advertising? This does not only help your business to become highly visible through searches, but it also assists you to acquire high leads, traffic and number of customers

Getting Your Free Advertisement on Google Places

In order to establish your listing in Google Places, you will need to become familiar with the following information handy:

  • The description on your industry
  • Your address, phone number, and some other contact information you wish to advertise
  • An image or logo, which displays your business, (for instance, there are some people who use the image of their store, restaurant, or office)
  • A special offer or coupon you wish to advertise (the popular search engine enables you to add the coupon for free if you like)

In your search listing, you may include some information that you believe is related to the business and would drive people to the company. In order to establish your listing in Google Place, you may want to follow these easy steps:

  1. Setting up your account. You may go to the page of Google Places. In order to build your business on the Google Places, you may click the button "Get Started No" under the manuscript, "Get your business found on Google".Your account on the Google Places will be linked to your account on Google. From here, you may key in the phone number and country. Always remember that you'll have to connect it to an applicable phone number because it is essential to have the number of your business in your listing from Google Places. When internet users search for your industry, you certainly want them to have a contact with you in an easy way, particularly on mobile phones.After you enter your country and phone number, Google will seek out in order to view if your Google listing already exists. Always remember that you could change your present listing in any given time in order to exhibit new information regarding your business. If you don't have the listing yet you may also make one using a scratch.
  2. Complete Your Information. When Google Places does not determine any online information about business for you, you may add it manually. After entering your business phone number, Google will recommend you to key in other important information. After you have completed your information, the search engine will display the appearance of the Places advertisement on its right, which includes the image of a map. Make sure you are satisfied with what your listing displays. Maintain a short description and be sure that it is direct to the point. It should capture the primary idea of your services or product, and your business as a whole. You may complement anything you wish to, which even includes a link for the coupon that your business offers. This could be ideal in order to attract customers to your site. Make sure that you include an email address and phone number as it allows people to contact you easily, particularly the ones who are really interested. The number of people who will view this listing could be large. That is why you need to make sure that your contact details are both updated and monitored regularly in order to help those people inquiring about your business.
  3. Specify What Your Business Provides. You may also want to include if your business offers services in a particular area. This will enable your business to become visible on several map listings. If people look for a certain business that is quite the same to the listing you have, your business will display on the map in a particular range.You may then choose the areas that are covered with your services. The map would display the area that will be included through choosing the following option:Option no.1: If you select this first option ("distance from a single location"), its map will display a specific location that your services will cover. You may then select the location that will be your business' central point.If you wish to cover only particular cities or areas in a location, you may select the next option and then choose the areas you want to serve. This option could be useful for organizations, which are only capable of serving a specific location, including food delivery and the like.
  4. Point Out Your Operation Hours. Another factor of an efficient Google Places ad is the operation hours of your business. Normally, when people are looking for your industry, they are checking if you are open. Google helps you with this aspect because it enables you to contain it directly on your listing.
  5. Specify Your Payment Options. When you trade services or products directly to the customers, either in-store or online, you have the choice to enable your customers know in advance the types of payments you acknowledge. You should specify the payment options that apply in such a step.
  6. Include Driving Visual Content. If you have a specific video that explains all about your business, you may incorporate it in your Google Place listing. This will help you make your offers look appealing. There are several people who seem to respond faster on an appealing visual content as compared to plain text. Probably, there is nobody who will choose to browse a lifeless website. That is why it becomes a necessity to add something attractive on your site.

Therefore, if you want to take full advantage of using free ads, considering the above suggestions could be a useful factor.

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